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The 8th IEEE Workshop on Network Measurements (WNM) continues the series of successful events that focus on the measurement aspects of computer networking. Mature and early works are welcome for submission, including new directions, intriguing approaches, and alternative approaches to the state-of-the-art methods.

We seek submissions that treat all aspects of network measurements, and especially encourage works that involve new and emerging systems, applications, and environments.

In addition, fully understanding the impact of new services and applications on existing traditional networks is needed for planning and provisioning purposes. Inferring user experience from network measurements has been a long-standing challenge, which remains with cloud and mobile services growing. With rapid evolution of networking technologies and architectures, the measurement community can offer invaluable insights and improve understanding where lacking, especially in cases where validation of existing results is needed.

WNM is seeking original submissions that cover a broad range of topics in monitoring, measurement and analysis across wired and wireless networks:

  • Measurement tools, techniques, design, and evaluation
  • Measurement of new protocols such as SPDY, QUIC and similar alternatives
  • Measurement of emerging modes of communication such as NFC and spontaneous interaction of devices
  • Building Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics from network measurements
  • Measurement across the network protocol stack
  • Measurement related to performance, reliability, security and privacy
  • Data centers, cloud-based services and content distribution networks
  • Measurement-based monitoring and troubleshooting of large-scale distributed systems, including cloud infrastructures
  • Monitoring and measurement of home networks, including wireless streaming
  • Network and service resiliency and performance during and after natural disasters and man-made outages
  • Evaluation of emerging paradigms for traditional services (e.g. moving from circuit-switched phone to VoIP)
  • Assessment of previous measurement works

Quick Overview of WNM Event Schedule
Monday, September 8

01:30PM - 02:10PM  WNM Keynote: Ioanis Nikolaidis [see more...]
02:10PM - 03:00PM  WNM: Session 1
03:30PM - 04:10PM  WNM Keynote 2: Dwight Makaroff [see more...]
04:10PM - 05:00PM  WNM: Session 2